Exterior Brick Cleaning In Melbourne

Exterior Brick Cleaning In Melbourne

The attractiveness of your house highly depends on how clean the bricks on the exterior of your home are. If they are well-kept, the texture can create an inviting atmosphere. However, if your bricks are grimy it can steal away the classic brick luster.

Over time, the outdoor elements can take a toll on your brick exterior. This usually will turn an attractive red color to a more dirty brown. You can easily brighten up those dirty bricks with a little care. The easiest means of Vacublast Brick Cleaning Melbourne is with a pressure washer or a garden house.

Before you get started, it’s a good idea to protect any surface areas that you don’t want residue to end up on. A plastic tarp can be useful for lawn ornaments or bushes. In addition, you can use painter’s tape around your window and door trims.

If you don’t have a pressure washer, you should opt for a high-pressure nozzle for your garden house. This will give you the best experience when brick cleaning in Melbourne. Spray on the brick to remove grime and dirt that has built up. You should start at the top of the wall and work your way down as all the dirt will be flowing towards the ground.

Your brick cleaning in Melbourne experience can also be done with a pressure washer. If you can see bricks starting to crumble or ones that are damaged in another way, avoid using the pressure washer in those areas as it could damage the bricks even more. It’s recommended to use a setting of 3,000 pounds per inch or less.

While regular water from the pressure washer will remove most of the built up debris on your bricks, you can also purchase a brick cleaning solution. These solutions will typically help brighten up your bricks more than just water alone.

One major secret to brick cleaning in Melbourne is that mixing in a little chlorine bleach with water can help to remove areas of mildew or mold quickly. It’s better to use a synthetic fiber brush and a bucket to get this particular job done. Avoid using a traditional wire brush, as it could leave rust stains on your brick. And don’t forget to wear rubber gloves as chlorine bleach shouldn’t come into contact with your bare hands.

By following these tips above you can ensure your brick cleaning in Melbourne experience goes well. Your home will look like new in no time.

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